Apr 3, 2012

Little Picasso

I finally let Adrian use the non-watercolor paints Santa gave him for Christmas. (What are those called anyways? Crayola just calls them "Washable Kid's Paint.") I've been putting it off knowing it would be a big mess and probably not be as washable as it says. I don't have any paint smocks but I didn't really care if he wrecked the clothes he was wearing.

I was hoping he would go to town and I could have a relaxing time while he was entertained. Turns out, he DOES NOT like to get paint on his hands. I spent the entire time going back and forth from the couch to the table to clean him up. (Yet, he doesn't seem to mind when he has food all over.)

Then, he would tell me he was done which actually meant he was done with those colors and wanted something different.

Well, he had fun anyways. Now I know to let him paint when I'm already doing something in the kitchen. All those pretty colors add up to one final result:



Sara said...

haha...nice! My kids recently pulled out the paints (no, I never let me kids paint at home..I like to save that for school.) but they just loved it! And spent a lot of time doing it so the Easter bunny might be bringing some more this year!