Jun 21, 2012

Chubby Baby Legs

I've been trying to spend more time away from the computer lately and I've been partially succeeding as you can see from my lack of posting. It's summer, the most wonderful time of year in the U.P., we need to enjoy it while it's here!

Isaac is having an exciting week. On Tuesday, he rolled over. On Wednesday, he laughed. Today, he turned 3 months. What will tomorrow bring?

He is the best. Each night around 10ish, he gets restless and tired and I lay him in his crib and he goes right to sleep.

Remember way back in January when I painted that shirt? It felt like forever, but it finally fits! And I'm sure he'll grow out of it before I blink my eyes.

People are so attracted to babies. Everywhere I go, they ask "how old is he?" and without fail exclaim "wow, he's big for ___ months!" To which I always (rather proudly) add, well he started out at 10 lbs! Which may or may not be followed by "you had a 10 lb baby?!" Adrian was the same way but look at him now. Gotta love on the chub while I can. ;)


jodi said...

ohhh man! The cuteness! Those little leggies are so adorable...so is his onesie!

Heidi Sue said...

Thanks Jodi! Seeing the onesie in action is motivation to restyle more clothes for the kiddos.