Jun 22, 2012

When You're 3

The words, "when you're 3" have been heard a lot in this household. Like, when Adrian is throwing a fit because he can't build his puzzles we tell him, "When you're 3, I bet you'll know how to do it all by yourself!" Or when he says he can't pull his own pants up, "When you're 3 you will have to do it by yourself." Or at the playground when he can't quite climb the ladder-thing, "When you're 3 you can do it." Certain times I catch myself because, when at the playground for instance, he says he can't do it because he's too little. I'd hate to be the one to hold him back. Anyways, he's had these puzzles since Christmas and we have always had to help him with Every. Single. Piece. Until a few days ago. He wanted to build puzzles again and he practically built them by himself. Today, as Uncle Matt and Uncle Wade were visiting on their way up north, he put together a different puzzle completely on his own that I swear he couldn't do yesterday. Then he told me, "I'm 3!"

 Looks like I missed the party.