Jun 5, 2012

A Picture of a Picture

Guess which of these arrived in the mail today:

I almost forgot about this canvas once again. I love it and can't wait to put it up in our house! (I'll let you know when that happens. The house I mean, not necessarily the hanging of the canvas.)

For a much better version of this, see Emily's (new) blog. I can't remember if I ever linked to these photos. Oh dear, click over and see just how grainy my sad little camera really is...

I can't believe how different Isaac looks now.


Amanda Kay said...

So cute!!! That bottom picture is the sweetest little face!

Kaitlin said...

He is such a honey!! <3

~ Jennifer J. said...

Love that bottom picture - what a sweetheart!

The canvas turned out great - what a keepsake.

Emily said...

the canvas looks good! i always get nervous when I don't get to see it first ;)

Love that bottom picture!!