Jun 19, 2012

St. John's Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend in the Keweenaw for our church's annual St. John's Services--judging by my stats over the weekend, that's where most of you were too. I think this was the shortest St. John's weekend ever for us. Jeff was scheduled to work this weekend but was able to get Saturday and Sunday off so we went up Friday night after work and came home after evening church on Sunday. I was supposed to drive home but Jeff said he probably wouldn't be able to sleep anyways so by the time we were halfway home I was asking him random questions to keep him awake. I think I nodded off during all of his answers. Good thing I didn't drive. We were home around midnight and he was up before 5 Monday morning.

 I was hoping to make it to the Bridgefest parade for Adrian's sake but we arrived just as we should have been finding a viewing spot so it didn't work out. I hadn't told him about it so he didn't know the difference. It was so awesome to have cousins for him to play with for a couple days. He's been really trying my patience at home lately so that was a nice break! Not that he and Kendall played perfectly all weekend or anything.

We lucked out and were able to stay at my grandma and grandpa's, they usually have a houseful for the weekend. My aunt and uncle live right down the road and Jeff has been itching to get over there to check out my uncle's bees. (He wants to raise bees next year.) I hear that he has an observation hive inside his house but I have yet to see it for myself. Jeff and Grandpa went to see the bees and I stayed back to visit with Grandma. I've realized lately that they won't be here forever so I really need to take advantage of our time with them.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures (as usual) but I did manage to snag these before we left their house on Sunday afternoon. (Grandpa was at the meeting and by the time he came back we were packed up and saying our "good-bye's.")

Poor Adrian had a few noseeum bites behind his right ear so it was all swollen. I think it finally looks normal again.

Isaac taught me a lesson during morning church. I'm so unprepared for a mess since we haven't had a blow-out away from home. Until Sunday that is. And while wearing the brand-new sweater handmade by my mom. Of course. (Don't worry, it all washed out and it's looking good as new.) Anyways, Katie saved the day. (Thanks again! I still have your clothes, I'll plan on mailing them to you as soon as I get the chance.) I swear, I spent more time in the cry room/nursery than in the pew, I should have just planned to sit there. I'm blaming it on the fact that I cheated on my usual diet (wheat-free, dairy-free) so he was a little fussier than usual. Either that or he was over-stimulated which may have been the case considering he slept most of the day on Monday.

Now we're back home, Adrian is still asking to go to Kendall's and Mumuu and Vaari's (my grandparent's) house. Jeff is back to work and I'm enjoying the gloomy days we've been having since it lets me get stuff done around here. According to the bank, we could be moving in 3-4 weeks and one of those weeks will be spent downstate. Since it's still too early to pack our things, I'm listing everything else on Craigslist. I just lost my sewing desk yesterday. So glad to have that heavy thing gone since I didn't like the style anyways but now I have nowhere to sew and I just got a small sewing project from a friend that needs to be done in the next few days. Ah, well at we won't have to move the desk.


~ Jennifer J. said...

Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

Mumuu & Vaari? I've never heard them called that before! (I just think of 'Mumuu & Vaari' when I read that! Meaning, our great grandparents.)

~ J