Jun 13, 2012

Weather, Weather

Sweet peppers aren't quite in season locally yet so I'm using frozen peppers in my chili that is smelling oh-so-delicious simmering on the stove.
We're headed to the farmer's market and the park (same place) in a few minutes while we wait for our supper to be ready. We walked to the store to get canned tomatoes this morning and stopped to throw rocks in the lake on the way back. It is a perfect day! Weather-wise that is. Otherwise, my littlest dude is a little under the weather and my middle-sized dude is...being an almost-3-year-old. The park is usually pretty good for taking care of the bad side of that! (How sad is that pot? The handle melted a long time ago and the handle of the lid is broken. I only need to send in the broken lid and they will send me a whole new pot--found that out in November--and I still haven't sent it in.)

I hope it's beautiful where you are, too!


Sara said...

I def. have my share of dealing with 'the almost 3 yr old stuff'! He's been cracking me up though, lately with the things he tells me! It's a fun age. :)

(btw: can't tell anything is wrong with the pot from the pic.)