Jun 1, 2012

"I'm a big helper hey, Mom?"

The boys are resting so I have a little bit of time to kick up my feet uninterrupted. We had a rough morning. The kind that makes me want to run away. For a few minutes anyways. I was out late with the ladies last night to do some crafting. Inspired by this, I used paint chips to make this:

Adrian was up earlier than usual jumping on me and yelling which soon turned to whining and crying and screaming (at me) and it didn't stop till about 11:30. I hope it's over. I think I get even more frustrated with the situation knowing that everything would be fine and dandy if we were outside which would be so much easier to do if we had a yard to step out to. We're still house-hunting, I hope we find something soon! (Then maybe we won't have to deal with that beautiful faux wood paneling.)

Yesterday was a lot better. After grocery shopping Adrian put the groceries away.

I never asked him to, he just started putting them away. If it didn't belong in the fridge, he put it on the counter.

Bananas were on sale, we go through them like crazy since we drink smoothies every morning.
Sorry about the super blurry pictures, I was laughing out loud by this point.

He's a super great kid when he wants to be. We love him either way but I definitely prefer him this way. ;)


Gram said...

Man, I like that paint chip art. Nice job. I also got a kick out of your ups and downs of motherhood. Reality.

Amanda Kay said...

NBD, I will just climb in the bag to get that last one!


Heidi Sue said...

Thanks, Gram!
Isn't that the truth. Today has been a great day so far--I think the promise of a friend coming over to play helps to "bribe" him to listen.

Sara said...

haha...these pics. gave me a good chuckle...and Orrin too!..who was being crabby till I told him to come see Adrian...he tried to stay mad but pretty soon he was smirking..and then laughing. :) Wish we lived closer!

Kaitlin said...

haha is he ever cute!!
And I love the paint chip art, so cool!

~ Jennifer J. said...

Oh, do I love that little guy! Seriously, climbing into the grocery bag... Love the story, too. He's such a smart kid.

Emily said...

oh how cute! I LOVE that paint chip frame!