Jan 20, 2012

Yesterday's project

When I woke up to...okay, so I don't really know what the temperature was, but I trust that it was crazy cold yesterday. I thought it would make a great sewing day. As it turns out, I didn't touch my sewing machine all day. When I cleaned out my fabric stash the other day, I found an infant onesie that I bought on clearance at Target. I had originally planned to add a little something to it and give as part of a baby shower gift, but obviously, it got buried and I completely forgot about it. I left it out so I could add a little paint and wear it on the new babe. I really like how this shirt turned out, so I went with the same idea:

First of all, I need to say that when I made the shirts in Restyle I painted first, then sewed them together. I wasn't really up for pulling this onesie apart so I just did the best I could with what I had.

Yeah, that's our kitchen chair. The paint comes right off and even if it didn't I'm not too concerned. My only other option was be a large piece of cardboard which I don't have.
I wasn't able to get the lines quite as straight and clean as when the shirt is pulled apart, but for less than $2, I guess I'm okay with that.

I love how quick and easy it is to paint on fabric! It dries really fast too, so you can reposition after a short time. Now to figure out what to paint on some of my shirts...or Adrian's...or Jeff's...

I'm pretty sure today is even colder than yesterday (weather.com said -13 around 9 this morning), but I have some running to do. Most importantly, to get my hair trimmed and then we'll see if I can brave it to a couple thrift shops that I didn't make it to the other day.

(BTW, I could not get that taped up shirt picture to go the right way. I literally turned it every direction before uploading and it came up wrong every time. Ah, well, you get the idea, right?)


Jodi Ann said...

That is the cutest DIY! I need to buy some paint and spice up my boys shirts! :)

mom L said...

so cute!

Sara said...

Never even thought of that pic. being crooked. So cute! Well done!!