Jan 14, 2012

I Want to Drive a Zomboni...

This boy has been killing us lately. I only wish I could remember all the funny things he does and says, how quickly this time goes!

Today, Jeff and Adrian were playing hockey in the living room and Adrian kept 'slipping' on the ice and falling down. Completely his own idea. He went to a hockey game with Jeff the other week and he hasn't stopped talking about hockey players since. Then, in the middle of the game, he stops and runs down the hallway to get his race car. Jeff and I were a little confused because he seemed to be having fun shooting the puck. A few moments later, he came zipping down the hallway on his race car. "Hafta cwean the ice."

He's too fast. And, he doesn't want me taking his picture anymore.
He cleaned it about every 2 minutes after that. And each time, when he was finished, he drove his "Zamboni" back to his bedroom. We just never know what he'll come up with next!

(That blue dot is a magnet, he thinks it's pretty cool that he can get it to stick to his car.)

We did get our winter storm, never did hear the official count, but I'm pretty sure we got over a foot of snow. It finally looks like January! I did get out thrift shopping in the middle of it. I found a really cool crocheted blanket for the baby...that Adrian already claimed. I'll have to get a picture. I also found some kids books, nothing super exciting, we just need some different books around here. I've also been keeping my eye out for a bigger bookshelf, but no luck yet.

Something super exciting is happening this week! Hopefully Monday. I'll keep you posted! :)


Sara said...

oh that is so Cute!! Love that he had to bring it all the way back in his room each time..haha.

jenny said...

love love love him. he is so cute. I literally laughed out loud lol

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So cute! I love how his little mind works.

~ J