Jan 30, 2012

Let's talk about poop

Restyle {by Heidi}

My conversation with Adrian over our morning smoothies (all things potty-related have been big topics around here):

Adrian: [sticks his tongue out] A bird won't poop on my tongue, Mom.
Me: No, Daddy tells you that to tease you when you stick your tongue out.
Adrian: Birds won't poop on my tongue. They just keep the poop in their bellies.
Me: If they kept the poop in their bellies they would get a owies in their bellies. Just like you would get owies in your belly if you kept the poop in your belly.
Adrian: No, birds just poop on the grass...not on the road.
Me: Well, sometimes they poop on the road, too.
Adrian: No! They just poop on the grass!

2-year-olds are pretty equal to teenagers when it comes to knowing everything. (Ha, and all of the parents with teenagers are laughing at me now.)


Jodi Ann said...

haha! That is so funny...and true. Toddlers know everything :)

Amanda Kay said...