Jan 12, 2012

"Mom! Where's my race car?!"

Since I'm still handing out Christmas cards, I figure it's appropriate to blog about it as well. Thank-you, thank-you to my mother-in-law for mailing my camera back to me so I have my pictures!

Adrian got this awesome race car from Grandma and Grandpa L. I have to say, it was the one gift that had him SO excited and literally jumping up and down.

He's been riding it around our apartment...and parking it in front of the refrigerator. I can't wait until he actually has the space to ride around! 


Jodi Ann said...

oh my gosh! I cannot get over how cute his little face is. So much excitement :) What a perfect Christmas gift!

Amanda Kay said...

That is cute!

mitsu said...

Your boy is so sweet! ^^

Sara said...

What a fun gift!!