Jan 26, 2012

The 16-year-old

It's a little late, but I just realized that I never posted pictures of Danny's surprise birthday party.

Kaitlin volunteered to take him to the pet store while we decorated. Brett went along as well and we had a 'surprise' for him as well. I think he told Mom to make the party for him, too, but make it a surprise! So, we did.

We all had party hats and noisemakers when they walked in the door. I think Dan figured it out before he made it inside because we had turned all the lights off.

Dan wanted to open his gifts as soon as he walked in the door. Guess we shouldn't have put them right under his nose! We did finally convince him to wait a little bit, he was a bit of a...well, he was just being Dan, really.

While we were wrapping our gifts--moments before the party started--Gretchen was saying we all had cool gifts and all she got was a Harry Potter Poster. Well...this was his reaction to that one:

And yes, he totally wrinkled the poster in his excitement. He carried it around for the rest of the evening. (I mean, we were staying in his room so it's not like he wanted to hang it up yet.)

Sorry Brett, we didn't all get a gift for you...but you did get a card! Wade picked up a Miley Cyrus card for him and everyone else jumped in and signed it.

I think my camera battery died at this point, but my mom had a great cake picture on her blog.