Jan 11, 2012


We're still here.


Playing hockey,

Like his glove? He had me in the net with a bubble mailer on my hand.

And venturing out into the snow,

What little snow we have anyways. I feel like we're back downstate with the amount of snow on the ground. Grass is peeking out everywhere, it's weird for January! We went out the other day when it was warm, but really windy and ended up behind the city housing next door. Buildings block a lot of the wind on two side and there are hills on the remaining sides. It's still a big open area so it's the perfect place to play, and really close which is awesome for 2-year-old feet clunking around in snow gear. We've been building a snow fort in the piles of plowed snow and throwing snowballs. I've been amazed with how easily Adrian has taken snow in his face, down his jacket, up his sleeves...he doesn't seem to care at all.

We're supposed to get a storm, starting this afternoon, so maybe it will start feeling like winter around here!

Other than that, I have been thinking about working on some projects, but nothing has happened yet. I've had plans every day to get a bunch of stuff done, but I keep getting an unsettled stomach that I can't figure out so I end up lounging around after getting the bare necessities done. I plan to do some thrift shopping tomorrow if Jeff isn't working overtime, hopefully that yucky feeling doesn't get in the way!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Love that last picture - little buddy!

And, that jersey is still killin' me!! haha. It's way too cute.

~ J

P.S. My stomach's been weird for over a week, but not so much unsettled - I just feel like no matter what I eat, I'm starving. It feels empty or something. It just feels off, so I'm wondering if it's part of a virus or something...