Feb 25, 2012

"Zooming Cars on the Couch"

"Zooming cars on the couch," playing Words with Friends, and a quick haircut. The man of the house is back to work. It's been a pretty slow day. Adrian is dressed now although I'll admit that it didn't happen until right before the nap that he's not taking.

Speaking of naps, they have been a real struggle lately. I'm not ready to give them up especially when I know he's not ready to be done with them. At least he stays in his room for an hour or so while he's supposed to be sleeping. I did hear him singing "Happy Birthday" a while ago, I wonder who that was for.

We took a tour of the hospital yesterday (we're going to a different hospital than we did last time so I can have a vbac) and I was telling Adrian that when we get our new baby he would be able to go there to see him and Mommy. We've been talking about the baby A LOT lately. He's already told me several times that it is his baby. We'll see how that goes. I always wonder what's going on in his little head. I'm sure he thinks this baby is going to be a fun playmate and has no idea how little he will be. I was hoping to show him some babies in the nursery while we were there but they were all with their mamas.

We tried spaghetti squash yesterday! I've been wanting to try it after hearing several people say it tastes just spaghetti (when you make spaghetti with it, that is). It's super easy too. I cut the squash in half, roasted it face down on a greased baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and then scraped it out with a fork. It comes out just like spaghetti pasta. I served it with my Mom's spaghetti sauce, it was delicious! Honestly, the only real difference was the texture. It was slightly less soft...as in a little more crunchy, but not quite crunchy. Give it a try, you'll see what I mean! It definitely made for a guilt-free meal. It's probably a little more expensive than buying regular pasta although we buy the rice pasta anyways, so it wasn't a huge difference cost-wise. (And as Jeff pointed out, it's probably more expensive this time of year.) Yum! We'll definitely be doing that again.


jodi said...

I LOVE that your little guy wasn't dressed until nap time. That's totally how we roll too some days :) Also, I have never thought to try Spaghetti Squash as Spaghetti. I am totally going to try it!!

Sara said...

I just had the spaghetti squash tonight and it was so good!! I will def. be doing that again!