Feb 14, 2012

So Long, Picky Eater?

Adrian has been so picky for so long. According to his parents anyways, everyone else seems to think he eats everything. But I see how much he actually eats in a day and for a while there, it wasn't much. (Yet, he tells me all the time, "I'm hungry.") Finally, in the last week, he's been eating more. A lot more. Here, he's drinking the rest of the broth from White Chicken Chili. We always have tortilla chips with soups like this and he would gladly eat nothing but chips. I usually have to bribe him with chips to eat more. Not that I'm worried about how much he eats, I know he won't starve himself, but living on chips just doesn't fly in this house. This time, he gobbled it right up, hardly remembering to ask for chips. Same for the carnitas and beans we had a few days ago. And although he picked all the asparagus out of his breakfast bake, he ate several stalks at supper yesterday with no problem. That wild rice soup we had? He loved it! In the past, he wouldn't even try something if he didn't think he would like it. Bummer for him because I'm the type of mom that won't give him something else if he refuses to even taste what I put in front of him. Maybe he's finally catching on.

My little boy is growing up!

And yes, he loves that Red Wings jersey.