Feb 27, 2012


Another day, another afternoon, another naptime that thinks it's a playtime. Maybe he'll settle down and sleep today? I hope so because he has been crabby with a capital "C" today. The cold he has may also have something to do with it.

Drinking hot chwocwet from a vintage Pyrex mug. And we're out of cocoa, aaaaah!
This morning I finally made a move to unpack some baby clothes. I got as far as throwing everything in the dirty clothes pile--plenty of clothes need soaking, doggone stains--and rearranging Adrian's closet so I can start hanging teeny little outfits. In the process, I found our high school yearbooks. Oh boy, cleaning and organizing ends up taking a lot more time when you find treasures like that. There is a rather awkward note from me in one of Jeff's yearbook. It was the year we started dating. We dated for a month when I was barely 15 and then broke up because it wasn't really going anywhere.(Maybe because I was 15?) Then, by the end of the school year, we were kind of seeing each other again, but we must not have been officially dating yet. There was a lot of talk about being 'friends.' Those were the days. The next year's note wasn't quite so awkward but definitely cheesy. And I couldn't help but chuckle over everyone who signed my senior yearbook "good luck with Jeff." I know they were being sweet but now it just sounds funny. :) Of course, my maiden name was on everything and it looks weird now, it's funny how fast you get used to a new last name. It made me think of how far we've come in our relationship. It really does get better with time. *happy sigh* Our understanding, patience, respect, and love for one another grows day by day. I think having kid(s) changes that, too. We start to realize what Adrian sees and hears when we're together and we want to set the best example for him.

Ah, okay, enough with the sappiness. Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!


Heather said...

As far as baby clothes go...I think the stains set in/show up over time because when I went to pull Kael's baby clothes out before Kenton was born there were SO many bad stains on things (I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have kept those items) I ended up throwing a bunch of stuff away because the stains seemed permanent. Ick.
And ooooh I remember when you saw Jeff for the first time ;] ...in my driveway. Pretty sure you said something like.. "who is that!!?"

Heidi Sue said...

Yeah, they definitely do set in over time. I probably wouldn't have held onto half of that stuff if I had known it was so badly stained. Buuut, I'm glad I did. I ended up soaking a bunch of light/white clothes overnight with washing soda and then washed them in the morning with hot water and more washing soda and most of them came out. I bet if I had the bleaching power of the sun right now they would come right out. :)
I definitely remember the first time I saw Jeff, but what the heck! I was trying to be all nonchalant! I guess that failed!