Feb 23, 2012

Restyle and the Fam

I've been a bit absent from the internet this week. With Jeff home, we've had a few things planned, mostly appointments, and somehow the week is nearly over.

We met with our new chiropractor yesterday and had the most thorough initial exam I've ever had in my life. I have quite a few issues to work out and I was very happy to hear him say he has a few ideas to help me out. I thought he would. When we got around to talking about Adrian there wasn't much to tell. He's been a healthy, happy kid. We were just a little bit proud. Actually, the receptionist was looking after him while we were talking to the doctor and she was telling us afterwards that Adrian is very articulate and has a very good vocabulary. I guess I've always felt that way, but it's nice to know I'm not completely biased in that sense. Jeff goes back to work on Saturday so we aren't able to get in again until the end of next week to go over his assessments for all of us.

Finally, here is the latest Restyle item I was talking about. A sweet little 70's style sunsuit! Makes me wish I had a little girl to put it on, I really like how it turned out.

When I added this, I realized that I still only have 1 women's item. I should probably focus on that a little more. Kids and babies clothes are so much easier because the sizing doesn't have to be exact since they are growing so fast, but I really do want to add more women's clothing.

Jeff and I are thinking about doing a gluten-free, dairy-free challenge next month so...I'm off to drink some hot chocolate while I still can! ;)


Kaitlin said...

That is very cute! I saw that exact sheet at Goodwill yesterday haha