Feb 9, 2012

"Minders" Park

We ventured to the park today since it was such a beautiful day. (Sunny and in the 20's.) We may have had to climb over some snowbanks to actually get there, but we figured it out. We had the place to ourselves except for the 5 minutes when a little girl and her Mom were there. Not sure what their hurry was. 

Do you like Adrian's handmade neck-warmer? Eh. I made it in about 5 minutes last year when I was headed out snowshoeing. It fastens in the back with a giant safety-pin. I should probably think about making something a little better, but then this one does the trick, yaknowwhatimean?

This picture cracks me up. Adrian's telling me, "No more pictures of me!" And I'm telling him, "Yeah, smile at the camera, buddy!"

I should have gotten a full body shot of myself so you could see how ridiculous I look. I've been wearing Jeff's snowpants this year, (he usually wears his Carharts) because mine have mysteriously disappeared since last winter and now, my coat won't zip so I had to wear his coat as well. I felt like the Abominable Snow Monster. Ah, well, at least we got outside!

Jeff's working today. We thought we had him until Friday, but he was offered overtime for today so after some hemming and hawing, he decided the smart, responsible thing was to go in to work. I suppose we'll survive; he is off tomorrow and then once he goes back on Saturday, he works for 5 days and has another week off. We sure love having him around! (Not that we don't get to see him every day, I feel very fortunate that we do, and at a reasonable hour no less. Many families aren't so lucky.)


Kaitlin said...

Your hat is so cute! Where is it from?