Feb 17, 2012

Thrifty, Thrifty my Husband is Nifty!

Remember this vintage sheet? It's okay if you don't. ;) I finally finished a project with it. A little something for Restyle actually. I should have it listed next week. Aaaand, I still have so much fabric leftover. What to make next...

I've been meaning to get pictures of my thifty finds. Yesterday, in between appointments, we went to Salvation Army and I finally found a maxi skirt! I'm so excited except it's completely see-through so I still need to find something to line it with. All colors except yellow tags were half off and cheapskate that I am, I didn't want to pay full price for a long slip or nightgown. I also found 2 sweaters. One is a cardigan that I just love, I'm hoping it fits post baby. I'm basically over buying maternity clothes. With a month left, it's time to start working on my regular wardrobe.

Have I mentioned that I love thrifting?

We had a busy day yesterday. I already had 2 appointments planned so why not throw in another one? The chiropractor was able to squeeze me in last minute, something was out of place so I wanted to get that taken care of right away. We had a little time before my OB appointment, which was the fastest time ever BTW. It was at 11 and we were walking back out the door by 11:15. That has never happened to me before, I was quite happy with that. The only problem was, Adrian stayed and played with the toys in the waiting room with Jeff while I was with the doctor and he wasn't quite ready to go when we left. The mention of Border Grill got him out the door. Geez, we've eaten there way too many times in the past month.

After my lucky finds at Salvation Army we went to a workshop by one the newest Chiropractors in the Marquette area. I'm so glad we went. I met him a few months ago during 'ladies night' (an open house of sorts for the local businesses) and I told Jeff that I want to switch chiropractors as soon as we can afford to. The one we had gone to before (that I just saw yesterday) is a sports chiropractor and basically only does adjustments. After hearing so much about the chiropractor my sisters see out in Minnesota, I have been waiting for someone similar in our area. This guy is one of a small number of Certified Chiropractic Wellness and Lifestyle Practioners in Michigan. He was offering a special rate for his initial exam to everyone who came to the workshop. So, so glad we were there or we probably wouldn't have switched for a looong time. (The initial exam is really expensive which is why I hadn't switched before.) We all have appointments next week. (Did I mention that Jeff has his second week of vacation right now?) I can't wait to see what's wrong with us. ;) In all seriousness though, I'm excited to see how he can help us become the healthiest that we can be.

Today was a pretty slow day at home. I went through some baby clothes to see what I still need, I can't believe I'll be taking them out for real in the next couple weeks! Jeff is finishing up his P90X workout right now and Adrian is looking at library books. Tonight, we are going to check out the dogsled races. They have a ceremonial start in Marquette and for some reason, we've never been. Adrian sounds excited to see the 'doggies.'

BTW, I was holding off mentioning this, but it looks like today's the day; Jeff started P90X again and this time, he's documenting it in blog form. I'm pretty proud of him for really putting himself out there. What better way to motivate someone else to do the same than to show such vulnerability? He is so committed, I think it's his nature to become practically obsessed with something once he decides to do it. He has officially lost 12 lbs in under 5 weeks! Be sure to check out his blog and cheer him on! (He usually posts on Monday nights.)


Jodi Ann said...

Oh that fabric is so pretty! i can't wait to see what you made with it! Sounds like you had the fastest OBGYN appointment known to man! That's amazing. :) And I have always been so curious about P90X and so has my husband - we will definitely check Jeff's blog out!