Feb 6, 2012

Setting: Our Apartment

Adrian: Eating rice crackers with smoked fish dip made by,
Jeffery: Reading the latest Greeting of Peace in the sad red chair that is falling apart,
Me: Typing a quick blog post as I wait for my hot chocolate to cool with a bag packed at my feet. For Adrian.
Jeff and I plan to enjoy a kid-free night tonight! He's off this week and I wish I could say we have a jam-packed week full of fun activities, but the truth is, this vacation is completely random (they bid for their vacations and this happened to be when his fell, yay, not his first choice). We're enjoying having him home, I just wish it was a better time. Like say, in the middle of March.


Jodi Ann said...

aww, I love vacation time, but yeah, it stinks a little that your's isn't at the best time. I hope you get to enjoy it though!