Sep 12, 2011

It's been a while

In fact, this is my first time creating a post with the new blogger layout. Yeah, it's been too long.
I don't really have time to be posting right now but just a quick hello to tell you I hope to be getting back to regular blogging this week! Now that I'm home. Now that summer is basically over.
I have a kitchen meeting at church tonight and at least 2 batches of muffins to make before then...I hadn't planned a baking day today but the one batch was supposed to be breakfast until I realized I needed an egg at room temperature. Which was ready by noon. And when I stepped out of the kitchen for a minute Adrian found the egg on the counter, pulled it down, broke it on the floor and smeared it into the carpet. Lovely. Anyways, the other batch will be coming with me to the meeting tonight.

Before I forget, here are a few things said today by the boy who is now bull dozing my hair...ouch;
Crayons on the table, crayons boken, Mommy boke the crayons?
(While bull dozing my hair) Pulling Mommy's hair! (While pulling at the stray hairs now flying around my face) Spiderwebs!
(When I came out of my room after getting dressed) Mommy warring a dress! (He always surprises me with the things he knows, I was actually wearing a skirt.)
(Pointing to my shirt) Stars! (Had no idea he knew what a star was) Green star! (Teal...again..???)
Lizard woke up! (I told him to put the lizard to bed in the toy box yesterday while we were cleaning up.)
Danny jump in the water! Will jump in the water! (Remembering when we were at Grandma and Papa's house a couple weeks ago.)
I wanna go Miner's Park.
I like tigers!


Gretchen said...

Is he cute! Remembering the lizard and Dan and Will. I miss that kid!

Sara said...

Cute!! - love all that he says!! Miss that little man! He's so full of life! :)

Amanda Kay said...

He is so full of life! I love how their little minds work, remembering random things, little things. Always surprising.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I can't believe I'm so behind on blogs.

Love this picture and all the things he's saying. I miss that little buddy, too!

~ J