Sep 14, 2011

It snowed today

One of these days I'd like to start meal planning again...
I was really looking forward to making a roast today using the same recipe as the shredded beef at my wedding. Until my pregnant brain forget to put the roast in the fridge yesterday morning and then stared down the still-quite-frozen hunk of meat this morning until I finally decided it wasn't going to work out today. I'm still trying to figure out what to make for supper tonight as I listen to the spunking and crying from a certain 2-year-old who wants me to put his blanket and pillow and lovey back into the crib. The crib that held all of those things until the same 2-year-old threw them onto the floor. He's tiring out...I think.

Yesterday I decided to start fall cleaning, considering I never really got around to spring cleaning, it sounded like a pretty good idea! I shined up the living room and that's about as far as I got. That would be the easiest room in the house, by the way. Then, this morning that 2-year-old that I've been talking about dumped dirt from my money tree onto the floor. Gee thanks. He also figured out how easy it is to move little step stools all around the kitchen and dig in everything his heart desires. I'm glad I caught him playing with the serving spoon in the sink before he put it back in the drawer.
Aside from that, I was able to get out of the house two evenings in a row without Adrian. Thanks hon! Okay, so both days were planned by someone else but hey, it was fun to visit with some of the ladies I haven't seen for the past month or so.
I feel like I'm all over the place today so that's all for now. And btw, Adrian did calm down, I was able to sneak his lovey into arms reach without him seeing me and that must have done the trick. I know you were wondering.


tahnee said...

Haha you sound like me! I was all pumped to make a salad for supper yesterday until I remembered (at 4 o'clock of course) that it has to marinate overnight. sighh. I was all set for fall cleaning this week but all I've done so far is organize Ryder's toys :) well maybe next week ;)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

A money tree...?

I need to find one of those.

~ J