Sep 16, 2011

Shorter and Wider

I did a quick restyle on these shorts a couple months ago and never posted. Now that we've seen snow, it seemed appropriate to show the pictures...

They started off as knee-length bermudas but that was probably never a very flattering length for my short little legs. Soo, I chopped them off!

I've considered shortening them another inch but since I'll probably never take the time to do that, this is what they will look like. Except, at this point on the leg, I could only fold the cuff under once to sew without it getting too tight so, now there are strings hanging down everywhere but that's okay too. I like them so much better at this length and I wore them way more this summer as a result. I guess it's okay that we were suddenly hit with cooler weather because I think the buttons are going to snap if I put these on one more time with the size of my waist these days...

And for your viewing pleasure:

Lovely, I know. I've been joking about how at 2 1/2 months, I look the same as I did at 5 months with Adrian. I hadn't realized how close I was to the truth, that is little Adrian in there and I swear, my belly is the same size right now.

Have a fun weekend!


Emma said...

The third picture wont show for me! :(