Sep 24, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I did end up making the leaf garland I was talking about. It was such a super simple project which is so motivating to do more projects. I think I used my sewing machine twice over the summer so we definitely have some catching up to do.

I had a bunch of felt sheets leftover from Easter...I made some animals for Adrian with the intention of making a felt board. I have yet to buy materials for said board. Anyway, I cut out a bunch of simple leaves which took all of 10 minutes and sewed them right up. From the looks of my piles, I thought the garland would be able to double up over my living room window. In fact, I thought it would be even longer than that. Let me tell you, I am a terrible estimator; I was only able to drape it once.

The above picture is my best shot of the garland 'in action.' Even on a dark, gloomy day, my camera is no match for the window.

I'm already thinking about what kind of garland to make once fall is officially over (which seems to happen pretty quickly in this area). Probably pom-poms...Am I the only one excited for Christmas while there are still green leaves on the trees? I blame it on Pinterest of course.


Gretchen said...

fun! That kind of motivates me to start crafting.. especially since the cold weather is coming..

Amanda Kay said...

I have not thought about Christmas. I am still a little unsure if I want that season to be here!! But as we drove down to mqt today, all of the leaves are bright and colorful, so I know it's almost here.......last year I was all excited in Oct. I'm assuming I will be the same once our sisters trip gets close!

Yvonne said...

funny, i was just thinking as i drove my route this morning that i should do a Fall garland. i love yours!