Sep 26, 2011

the soon-to-be big 'brudder'

My little boy is growing up before my very eyes. I am constantly surprised by the things he says and does. He absolutely loves to read book and only recently figured out how to 'read' by himself. He would gladly listen to me read 37 books in a row so, this new discovery is pretty nice for me. But, sometimes I feel really selfish when I say 'no' when he asks me to read him a book. For some reason, it's even harder when he is okay with it. A few minutes ago, he came up to me with those big blue eyes and held a book out asking, 'read the story?' The sweet little smile on his face melted my cold heart and I did read him a story. Besides looking at books by himself, he has started reciting the words aloud. And most of the time, they are actually words from that particular story. If you haven't read any of Mo Willem's book, I highly recommend them. Right now, we have The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog. There are parts where the pigeon is yelling and I walked in on Adrian 'reading' the story one day, "Not a hotdog. Taste like chicken? I hab a question. TASTES LIKE CHICKEN OKAY!! Okay, okay!" Oh, how I love that boy. Of course, I wasn't able to get it on camera and he wouldn't do it again for me. 
He has also been into dogs ever since we went camping with Jeff's family which included 3 dogs. He has a Melissa and Doug pull-toy dog and he has been dragging it around everywhere and pulling it onto the couch with him. He even calls him Toby which is one of the dog's names. Then I have to pet it, it's sitting right next to me as I type. I just love seeing his imagination at work! 
(He's looking at a "Pooh-Pooh" book right now, btw.)
And now he's telling me to get off the 'puter' so I guess that's my cue!


Yvonne said...

i like this post Heidi. it rings true for all of us parents.

Emma said...

That kid is so cute!! :)

Sara said...

So cute! Love when they start talking!