Sep 19, 2011

Walk it out

I have been loving our fall weather! The temperature climbed back up after our cold spell and it's been around the the 60's for the past several days. We have been getting out to walk in the evenings which is always so relaxing and special? because it gives Jeff and I a chance to catch up. Or forces us, but either way, I love it. It almost feels like a date except we're pushing a stroller and every once in a while a little boy will pipe up and add something to the conversation. Jeff was gone the other evening but Adrian and I still ventured out and he totally pointed me on the 'correct' walking route. Over the summer, Jeff would take Adrian out by himself because I was too lazy busy to go and he would check out all the vegetable gardens. So, the other night, I had planned to go straight but Adrian pointed to the left--can't remember exactly what he told me--and was very happy when I listened and then right away pointed out the "gardens!" After that, it was the 'football team!' They weren't actually there at the time but, it was the entrance for the football field which he knew all about since Jeff has already taken him to a few games. Jeff told me that when they were at the game the other night, it got so chilly and Adrian was shivering away but refused to sit in his lap. Mr. Independent. Except for when it's time to go up the stairs, then he always wants Mom to carry him. In a couple more months that's all over buddy.