Jun 9, 2011

Well, Hello there!

I'm back!
I took an unexpected trip downstate to visit my family; Jeff and I were visiting some friends one evening a couple weeks ago as he helped them put up their pool and I ended up getting a ride downstate the next morning. Yikes! I don't usually do too well with such spontaneous decisions but this time I decided 'what the heck?' I might as well exercise the freedom I have as a stay-at-home mom! I had planned to be down for a week, from Sunday to the following Monday but on my last day I got a call from my father-in-law to say that Jeff's grandpa had passed away. He had been battling complications from diabetes for the last several years so it was news we had all been preparing ourselves for. It is still a little strange to think about since we have been warned several times that this might be 'it,' and yet, he always pulled through. His health had been the worst this year by far. He was able to make it to Dave and Jenna's wedding much to everyones surprise. A couple weeks after the wedding (while I was downstate) hospice had been called in, that was a Tuesday. He passed away Saturday night. I don't think any of us expected it to be that soon since it would have seemed so expected...does that make sense?

Jeff was a on a road trip for work in South Dakota and because of the weather he didn't end up getting home until very early Monday morning. I can imagine the most frustrating part was that he was stuck in Chicago--3 hours from our parents' homes--for many hours before he made it back to our home with a 7 hour trip ahead of him. He left right away even though I didn't want him to since he would be driving alone. When I called him in the morning he was an hour from our home. He made it that far before pulling off  the road to sleep.
We spent most of the following week with his family including his aunt and uncle who came in from Texas for the funeral. At one point, I was telling my mom what we had been up to and my little sister Jeanie commented, 'It sounds like you guys are having fun...isn't it supposed to be sad?" I guess it was like any other time the cousins get together, lots of good times and laughs with a few serious moments thrown in. It was so nice to see everyone especially considering we don't get to see the Texans ;) very often.

More updates and pictures soon...


Emma said...

It was so good to see you guys again! Hopefully we will see you again soon!!

Yvonne said...

sorry to hear this, you have my sympathy.
a friend once told me, when her mother was dieing of cancer, that you think you are prepared, especially when you have that time with them, but she found it wasn't true after all.