Jun 14, 2011

A Little Red, A Lot of Fun

The guys had a blast at Jeff's mom and dad's house while everyone was in town. They were doing things I had never heard of and that, quite honestly, sounded like the most red-neck activities I had ever heard. Beside going carp-shooting, they went mattress surfing behing a four-wheeler.

Deciding on a game plan?
Jordan K. and cousin Michael jump on.

A couple of the girls gave it a try too!
 Jeff's cousins are from Houston so they don't have this kind of acreage to cruise around in. It sounded like they all had a really good time and were wondering why their parent's chose to leave this area! ;)


jenny said...

it may of been redneck but it was a complete blast! oh and Scott isn't the person on the mattress with Micheal its Jordan K. lol you should of tried it Heidi!

Heidi Sue said...

Whoops! Thanks Jen!

Gretchen said...

haha that's hilarious! Looks like tons of fun tho!

Pete/Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing~ the photos are funny! Looks like they had fun! :)

Sara said...

Oh that's hilarious! I'm sure they had a blast!