Jun 28, 2011

Quick and Easy Sweater Restyle

Photo courtesy of my dear husband...he really knows how to bring out my photogenic side. ha.

Quick and easy restyles are sometimes, okay, usually my favorite kind. I have had this sweater for so blasted long I can't even remember where it's from or why in the world I chose brown. I've never really loved it which leads me to believe I found it on the clearance rack; before I started thrift shopping I would shop clearance racks. I had so many clothes that I didn't really like but hey! I found them at a great price! This particular sweater has way-too-long and really tight sleeves. I can't figure it out because I have some pretty scrawny arms, how would a normal person fit into those sleeves??

My only option was to chop off the sleeves. I was pondering turning it into a vest but for now, it remains a sweater. I ruched the sleeves so it didn't look quite like I just chopped the sleeves off...oh wait, I just did.

I wanted to finish the edge rather than leave it raw but 1. it would have been very awkward and difficult considering it was so narrow and 2. if I had successfully finished them off, the edge would probably be all stretched out. So, I chose to leave it raw since it won't fray anyways.


Amanda Kay said...

elder bearman. i have the same one in cream with the exact same problem. i think mine is in my sewing bin, unless i ended up tossing it altogether.

Sara said...

cute! love the new sleeves!

Anonymous said...

How won't it fray? I thought all sweaters will?

Kaitlin said...

haha Gretchen has that sweater too! with the skinniest arms ever! cute!