Jun 27, 2011

what were you thinking?

On ShinyStat I can see what search keywords and phrases were entered into search engines to lead to my blog. Here are a few of the stranger entries this year:

can i swallow a garlic clove like a pill to louse wait
i'm not giving up important things!
blue ring toilet bowl
horrible heidi
grandpa slippers
not giving up on etsy
taking a tuck in slip to shorten hem in bridal dress

Hmm...it makes me wonder!

BTW, Adrian was having fun climbing into Kendall's DOLL crib late one evening. I thought it was pretty funny when he snuggled up in it, laying on his back, it's amazing that he fit. It wasn't so funny when he tried to get out. To him anyways...


jean said...

haha that is so cute

Amanda Kay said...

It is amazing that he even fit!! ha ha!! Love the 'horrible heidi' search.

Sara said...

these searches are hilarious! and so is the pic. of little A...poor thing just wanting to get out and mom had to go grab the camera first!...haha