Jun 23, 2011

St. John's

I had intentions of scheduling posts for the days I was out of town but as you can see, that never happened!
We were in the Keweenaw for our annual St. John's services but judging by my blog traffic on Sunday, most of you were too!

We had a pretty relaxing weekend...while we weren't at church anyways. During church I was just trying to keep my patience, he is at such a busy age! On Saturday night we were able to keep him quiet with a few Dum Dum suckers but I don't really like to use candy as a means of keeping him content during the sermon! The problem is, after the first night he would look in my purse for more treats and wasn't happy with the cars that usually occupy him.

This was the first rainy St. John's that I can remember. We didn't stay for lunch on Sunday because we figured we would have to wait in line for too long and we couldn't take Adrian outside to play while we waited. We tried out an Italian place called La Bottega (used to be Jacob's Ladder). The prices were awesome, everything was $7.00 and you could get a half portion for $3.50. The waitress told us everyone was made from scratch. They even had a few gluten free options. I ordered a half portion of spaghetti and meatballs for myself and a half portion of seared chicken breast with risotto for Adrian. Big mistake! It didn't even cross my mind that Adrian would want the spaghetti even though I know he loves it. He sat so well while we waited for our food but as soon as it came out, he wanted the spaghetti and he wouldn't touch the food I had ordered for him (which was better than my spaghetti by the way). We ended up getting everything boxed up right away and took it to my grandma and grandpa's house to eat which is where the rest of my family ended up for the afternoon. Adrian fell asleep on the way and slept in the car for nearly 3 hours so that was a nice little surprise! I suppose the rain on the roof helped him sleep.

After all the struggling in church all weekend, Adrian took a late nap on Monday night after playing at the camp all afternoon. He slept right through Monday night church! And went down just fine that night, which was pretty late.
He had so much fun playing with his cousins all weekend and keeps talking about [Auntie] 'Minna' and 'Kennal.' For all the excitement he's had in the past month I hope he's ready to get back to normal life! At least until the next time we head north which, I'm sure, won't be very long.


Sara said...

I just want to come and squeeze him! love the bottom pic.!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Man, who is this little boy?!! I love that bottom picture. He's so darn cute. And getting so big! I miss you guys.

(I can't believe I'm so behind on your blog. With the show, I haven't been on anyone's blogs very much in the past few weeks.)

~ J