May 19, 2011

gettin' my craft on

Jenna and her bridesmaids

My sister's Sara and Jennifer are doing a craft show this summer in their town. Hearing (or reading, rather) their excitement is motivating me to get my own craft on! I have been so frustrated with myself for procrastinating with my Etsy shop and I seriously felt like something was holding me back yet, I couldn't figure out what.

Pretty cupcakes decorated by my mom-in-law and me

I'm trying to get rid of some of my scrapbook supplies--I'm keeping the ones I can still use for packaging and most of my tools--but I'm not having luck. I'd like to sell them because, as anyone who has ever scrapbooked knows, they are expensive! I'm too cheap to drop them off at the nearest thrift shop. I have them on craigslist right now but I realize that isn't the best option for that sort of thing. A garage sale would be best but uh, that's kind of hard when we live in an apartment!

Anyways, the point is, I'm using a desk for my sewing machine that I don't like anymore, it's full of things I don't use, and it's in my bedroom which isn't my favorite place to sew. Other than that, I've been trying to make items that are very size specific and frustrating when I'm still kind of a beginner. Yesterday, I started working on a knit top restyle and I am all excited again! I realize that I should stick to something I can actually do pretty quickly and easily right now. I'm having fun again and hopefully I'll have a few items for my shop soon so it can actually open.

Dave received a gun from the groomsmen.
BTW, look how handsome my husband is, I love that smile! :)

 Until then, I'm trying not to stress about the fact that I already created it and therefore, that date is shown even though I haven't actually started listing yet. (I really wish they would change that.) I'm not setting a date for the 'grand opening' because I'm pretty sure that just makes me procrastinate more. It will happen when it happens. Right now, I'm going to have fun making things that I know how to make!

Pictures are the very few that I remembered to take at the rehearsal dinner.


Amanda Kay said...

Emily's having a garage sale this year. Just a thought.

Sara said...

Def. start with the easy stuff!! Can't wait for your shop to be up an running! :)

Yvonne said...

love the cupcakes Heidi!