May 14, 2011

Just Something I Made

I restyled this dress for the wedding:

I didn't have much time to resize it so I did a few simple changes for the time being. I added a few inches of elastic to the back to bring it in. I would have taken it in the 'right way' but there is a zipper on the side and I didn't want to mess with that just a couple days before leaving town. I rolled the sleeves under to shorten them and added a green sash that I've had since standing in my friend Cindy's wedding--the 'sash' was used to wrap around the stem of my bouquet. I wanted to dress the skirt up a little and shorten it so I tucked the hem under and threw in a few stitches to give it a bubble look. It didn't turn out quite right, I had at least 2 people ask if my skirt was tucked up...embarrassing right? I ripped the stitches out as soon as I got home. This is the only picture I have of the finished (for now) dress.


Sara said...

cute!! Love the green! :)