May 3, 2011

My Current Wishlist

I would love to try barefoot running. Especially after seeing my brother Wade and his Five Fingers. I bought a pair of Merrell shoes several years ago (if I had to guess, it's probably been 5-6) and I wear them almost every day in cooler weather. You would never know by looking at the soles, they are just starting to show wear. I got them at a steal of a deal and I'm so glad, I might never have tried this brand otherwise. When my current running shoes wear out I definitely plan to buy some barefoot running shoes like this pair.

I really love the fabric print on this simple Anthropologie shirt. I need short sleeves shirts in the worst way! I'm planning to stop by (haha, that's a joke) Salvation Army while we are downstate so wish me luck on finding something for myself! Of course, as you probably already know, I won't be able to buy something and wear 'as-is.' If I could afford to buy all of my clothes at Anthro, I could probably just wear them without changing them! ;)

I had a pair of shorts with a belt like this that could be tied in a bow. I loved them. So much. They are too small, I actually held onto them to make a pattern because I just love everything about the cut. Until I get around to that project, I can drool over this pair from H&M.

I can't remember the last time I bought heels...oh wait, yes I can. I have a pair from Amanda's wedding that I still wear. In fact, I wear them every single week to church. I think it's time for another pair. I can't stop thinking about this pair from Ruche.


Amanda Kay said...

Love your wish list. I need some new running shoes, BAD!! But, I'm not sure I can justify spending $100 when I'm such a sad runner. The heels - super cute! I can't really picture myself wearing them - ha ha! - but would be cute on you! And if I ever got into running and exercise, I would be able to look at cute shorts like those ones.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Love those heels! I bookmarked a few colorful prints just like that on Ebay or Amazon recently. I love floral heels. (The next pair on my wish list, too.)

There are so many cool shoes out there. I'm waiting for two pairs right now (fuschia summer sandals and the teal heels I ordered).

~ J