Apr 27, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I feel like I've been having good luck with thrift shopping lately--hopefully that keeps up once garage sale season finally gets here!
I went to an indoor [garage] sale on Saturday with my friend Heidi. I am so glad I did! There were a ton of boys clothes and I was able to find somewhere along the lines of 7 pairs of shorts and 6 pairs of pants that will fit Adrian this summer, fall...winter. He still fits into 18 months pants so who knows how long these 'new' pants will last! It's always fun to get lucky like that, now I can focus on tops for him, especially when he has enough that fit him now so I don't feel so desperate as to buy anything I can find!
I also found the animal puzzle (with the big red barn). When Adrian first tried it, he threw a fit. He was SO mad when he couldn't figure it out. Now, 4 days later, he can finish it no problem. Then he dumps it upside down and does it again. It's pretty awesome. So, I was at St. Vinny's today (a local thrift shop) and found 4 puzzles, grouped in 2's, for $0.74 each. (There is another, Elmo puzzle for older kids that isn't shown.) What a deal! Adrian couldn't wait to play with them. I'm so serious, he wanted to open them in the store! I might just hold onto the alphabet puzzle and give it to him for his birthday in August.
I found ties for the boys, Jeff always seems to be looking for striped ties and you can't beat $0.87 or whatever it was I paid for that. I'm hoping Adrian's tie will work with the vest my Mom is knitting for the wedding. I paid 3-something for the dress and it may actually become the dress I wear to the wedding. I really lost steam working on this dress, I think it was the navy, I'm not a big fan of dark colors for myself. I do still plan on finishing it and I'll post a picture when I do. Anyways, this dress should be a quick redo, I probably won't change anything, just resize it. I'm guessing it's about a size too big and it's pretty simple. Then, I just need to find a contrasting belt or make a sash to make it a little different!
I found Adrian's shoes about a week ago. St. Vinny's sells a lot of their kids shoes at $1 or less so I will always look, whether he needs them or not. I love, love, love, the blue and white striped Ked-style shoes! I want to find more for him! Unfortunately, these are in the size he wears now so he may only be able to wear them for a few more weeks, barefoot. ETA: Scratch that, I just put them on and his toes are right to the end. I guess we won't be wearing them after all. And the other pair are two sizes too big so I'm still on the lookout for shoes! I did find a pair of brown, leather sandals in the next size up that will work most of the time but I still need something for cooler, rainy days.
We're going downstate very, very soon and I'm hoping to spend some time at Salvation Army. (I know I've mentioned it before but it is HUGE!) That is, if we have any money to spare...


Kaitlin said...

oooh! I'll go with you!

Junkyard Jennifer said...

I will too! (i wish.)

I tried on that same dress at our thrift but it was a little big and Mark thought it looked like a hospital gown or something on me with the pale colors. I know it'll look better on you -- I can see it with a contrasting belt and some colorful accessories. I think it's so cute.

~ J

Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog.com said...

That blue dress is adorable! I love the shirt dress style right now. Great finds.