Apr 7, 2011

on my mind

I'm still here. Sort of. My mind has been going like crazy lately but the one subject that keeps coming to the front is, of course, my Etsy shop. The one that was supposed to be up and running last Friday. The one that was also supposed to be up and running by tomorrow. For some reason setting that kind of deadline is stressing me out. So, I'm going to open it when I open it and you will be the first to know! I did actually set it up so it will be super simple once I have items to list. Oh, that made it sound like I don't have anything. Uh, well, I guess that's kind of the truth. I'm a procrastinator. Did I tell you that? Oh yeah, only 7,322 times. The problem is, the more I procrastinate, the more stressed I get, the less I get done to actually fix that little problem. I suppose I have been doing plenty of other activities, subconsciously avoiding Etsy. Like it's mad at me or something. It probably is. Honestly, this has nothing to do with "what if no one likes my stuff?" I got over that a while ago because if I make something I love, chances are someone else will love it too. So, no worries there. I have been trying to make a bunch of skirts made from shirts (I have several in the process) but my main roadblock is sizing. Particularly the waistband. I'll get it eventually, they just might not make it into my shop for a while. Although I did see a skirt today that really inspired me so I might go in that direction...Anyways, enough of my rambling! I have sewing to do!

I am doing a giveaway tomorrow so please, come back and see me. I'll be here. (Yeah, it's my little bribe asking you to forget that my shop was supposed to open tomorrow. Is it working?)