Apr 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

I had some friends over for Easter and I haven't done a thing since. 'Kay, that's sort of a lie. I went to the park with Adrian on the two nice days that we had and then surprise! I woke up to rain and snow this morning, it hasn't stopped yet. The first year we lived here, it snowed until sometime in May. Good thing too, I don't expect the last snow storm until the second week of May at the earliest. At least we have had some beautiful weather in the mix!

On Sunday, after eating a delicious meal of (you know I'm all about food) ham, green beans, my Mom's mashed potatoes, corn, and homemade bread, The girls--Kate, Heidi, and myself--took a little walk in the sunshine. I was hoping Adrian would fall asleep since it was already so late in the day but we stopped at the park for a bit and he didn't end up napping until about 4 o'clock. Oh well, he had so much fun with the kids, he's still talking about it! (I mean, he drops their names every once in a while.) It was a tight fit for all of us in our little apartment, around our little table but we made it work!

I have a few projects to finish up this week before we head downstate (early) for Jenna and Dave's wedding! I can't wait! There is supposed to be junk-picking the day before the wedding, waddya think my chances are for getting out? Oh well, our car will be crammed with hockey equipment, golf bag, and luggage so we really don't have room to be taking anything extra.