Dec 7, 2010

I want to blog...

Really, I do! It's just that this time of year gets so busy! Like today, I ran to Goodwill to find a tree stand (I found one for $1!), and met a friend at the salon so I could watch her little guy while she was getting her hair cut (and so I could get my bangs trimmed). Then we went to the dome to walk, then I had to pick up groceries, and then I had to bring a sippie cup back to the store to see if the crack on the top was covered under the one year warranty (it wasn't). By the time I got home, it was the middle of the afternoon and I was starving. Plus, I had only done half of the running that I had planned. Of course, considering the time, I had to start making supper (a frankensteined version of broccoli cheese soup, still in the process as I type).
 I am a bit disappointed that I forgot to pick up more thread today in my hurry to get home and eat. I started sewing Adrian's teepee last night and got as far as I could before running out of thread. I am so excited to get it put together! I wasn't going to put a window on it but, now I think I will. I wouldn't want to miss Adrian's sweet little face peeking out! I plan to put a cover over the hole that will Velcro closed. I can't wait to show you the finished product!
A little update on Adrian: he is doing much better! He finally stopped throwing up, I'm still not sure what the was all about. Have you ever heard of kids throwing up when they are teething? I haven't but maybe some do? Either way, I've been giving him Camilia and it has been working great! He has at least two molars pushing their way up, poor buddy! Also, I think dairy might be the cause of his eczema. Bummer!! I noticed that the entire week he was sick, his skin was so smooth even though I hadn't put lotion or shea butter on him. Coincidentally, he hadn't had any dairy all week. Now that he's back on dairy, his skin is all scaly again. At least I know what is causing it now!

So sorry, what is this, the third post without a photo? Sadly, I have not taken a single picture this month. I will work on that!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Sounds like Carter, with the dairy.

Louie finally seems to be doing better this year. FINALLY. I haven't had to put shea butter on yet, and normally I do. It's only slightly dry instead rough-dry.

You're going to have your teepee before me. I don't think Mark has even started on ours yet -- I'm waiting for him to get the poles done before I get the vintage sheets out. (But maybe it could be for the kid's birthdays instead.)

~ Jennifer