Dec 3, 2010

reestablishing the flora

I'm still occupied with getting my little guy better so no Feature Me Friday today! Perhaps, tomorrow. Maybe I should change it to a Saturday feature...Or just get on the ball!
I really wish Adrian would get better already! He seems fine for parts of the day. He gets animated and talkative. Then, for other parts of the day, he's quiet and tired and snuggly. He has still been throwing up once a day for the past few days. I ran to the co-op the other day to pick up some acidophilus (per my chiropractor's recommendation). I had to ask someone for help because there were several different kinds but they all said 'keep out of reach of children.' The Health and Wellness guy told me he had something in the back for babies. I took it home, opened it, gave some to Adrian...and then, read the ingredient list. No acidophilus. Even though that's what I specifically asked for. Either way, it has plenty of probiotics and I can give it to him every day so it's good to have. Still, not what I was looking for. Then, I remembered that I had yogurt starter in the fridge. Sure enough, it has acidophilus! We'll have yogurt ready by morning, hopefully it helps my little guy! I also found some water with electrolytes at the co-op that I can give him instead of Pedialyte. No artificial colors or flavors. Woohoo! Bonus: it's cheaper than Pedialyte! Sweet!

Note: If you're wondering what the heck yogurt and acidophilus have to do with anything check out this link!


Cami said...

I buy probiotics for myself and my kids quite a never hurts to replace all the good bacteria. :) I swear by that stuff! Hope your little guy gets better soon!

Kaitlin said...

I take probiotics.. or I did, until we ran out. I was taking Align, it's so expensive! I should look for something cheaper.