Dec 10, 2010

Feature Me Friday

Today's Feature me Friday is for something I made last year. I probably already showed you but I'm going to show you again! I had this brilliant idea to make ornaments for Etsy and a craft show that I never did. I basically got in over my head, each ornament took so long to make because I never did find the perfect glue that went on easily, with no mess, dried quickly, and held fast. Nevertheless, I did make a few sets and I loved each one, even if they weren't all 'me.' I never did sell them on Etsy and eventually took them off, I was so worried about shipping. I know I was overly anxious about it, people ship breakables! I just never did, and I have to say, shipping something made of fabric is a lot less stress!

I gave the above ornaments to my sisters (sorry to those who wanted a set and didn't get it!) so these pictures were shot to get a general idea of how they all looked.
The ornaments below are the only ones I held onto. They each belong to a set.

I have several sets of ornaments that have not yet been embellished. I'll be sure to show you what I do with them if I ever get around to making them! I'm thinking about paint, or feathers, or silhouettes, or fabric...


Yvonne said...

very pretty Heidi!

Morgan @ said...

Adorable! Very cute and easy idea!