Dec 1, 2010

we're taking it one day at a time

These have been the events of the past few days:

Day 1: Adrian throws up breakfast...hmm, that's odd, maybe he just choked on his Cheerios and it made him throw up? (Crossing my fingers) By the time Jeff calls several hours later I report that Adrian has the flu. Jeff comes home early, also with the flu.
Day 2: The boys seem to be recovering, a little worn out from the previous days 'activities.' I'm feeling fine but have a nagging feeling that my turn is soon to come.
Day 3: I wake up feeling 'okay' but try to convince myself that if I sleep in really late the flu will pass me by. Hmph, right. It got me too. Adrian, who had been 'feeling fine' for the past 24 hours is now throwing up again. Boy am I glad it's Jeff's weekend.
Day 4: Jeff is completely better and now it's my turn to recover. Except Adrian doesn't seem to be getting better as fast as us. He hasn't thrown up all day--or had diarrhea--but he's not drinking much either. The day before he was begging for drinks and we could only give him sips and now he doesn't even want it...not good. Finally, after getting very little into his system all day, he throws up. We give in and Jeff runs out to get pedialyte and saltines.
Day 5: So far, so good. Adrian hasn't thrown up since last night and he's been getting plenty of fluids. He's more talkative and alert than yesterday. I'm still puzzled as to how he appears to have gotten the same flu twice. Let's hope he's really on the mend this time! I just hate when my baby is sick!!


Emily said...

Oh no! I heard someone talking about this flu last night. It comes in two waves. Your sick, then you feel better for a day and then you get sick again... Hope it goes through quickly!

Sara said...

Oh Lovely time of year! wonder I dislike Winter so much - if it weren't for all those nasty bugs going around it wouldn't be so bad! Hope you're all still feeling better and don't catch anything else!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Poor buddy boy! I hope you're all feeling better soon.

~ Jennifer