Dec 13, 2010

Fi-Five! (High five!)

It's been a while since did a post about Adrian, who is now 16 months by the way! Where does the time go? Each month is more and more entertaining at this age. He is very quick to figure out what makes us laugh. I wish I had pictures of all of his expression but usually the only one I get on camera is his 'cheeser' face which he does all.the.time. He just learned a new face; there is a bell hanging on our door handle that he always plays with, I walked in from doing laundry today and didn't realize he was there. He walked backwards away from me before turning around with his mouth in the shape of an "o." Jeff and I were laughing so of course, for the next few minutes he kept making the face. And of course, whenever he does something funny I purposely exaggerate my laugh (maybe that's where he gets it from) so he'll do it again.

Adrian has babbled incessantly for as long as I can remember. So often he will say the same thing over and over and you can tell he knows what he is saying. We have been slacking on the sign language lately. Mostly because I can usually figure out what he wants or anticipate his needs so there isn't such a need for signing. Besides that, he seems to have stopped at "more." No matter what it is he wants, he will sign "more," even when he says a different word aloud. I think it's confusing for him to figured out different signs when they are each done with two hands right in front of your body. He does say the words "hep" (help), "uppa" (as in, pick me up), "dent-do" (thank-you), "uh-hi" (Finnish word for hug which I don't know how to spell) and of course "buh-bye." I know there are more but I can't think of them right this moment. He also shakes his head and for the life of me I can't figure out where he got it. I think he may have learned it when we were out of town visiting because I don't think Jeff or I have ever shook our head 'no' to him. That is until now. If I tell Adrian to leave something alone he looks at me and shakes his head. Very exaggerated of course and somber as can be. How can I disagree?

He has still been doing fine with the Christmas tree. I mean, he still keeps pulling things off but it hasn't been too terribly frustrating. Maybe because it's kind of funny at the same time. He will grab an ornament with two hands, depending on how securely it's attached to the tree the hanger sometimes pops off. As soon as I move an inch toward him he takes off running in the other direction. Interesting, it's as if he knows he shouldn't be pulling things off the tree...He also pulls the garland off the bottom branches which I usually tell him to put back on the tree. If he listens I tell him "thank-you for listening to Mama," that is, if he doesn't tell himself "dent-do" first (signing the word as he says it, which actually looks more like he's blowing a kiss).

I have been trying to teach him what Santa Claus says but the best I have gotten out of him is "hm, hm" with his mouth closed. That's the same sound he makes for a dog barking, he won't open his mouth to make the noise.
I posted this on facebook already but, Adrian hasn't learned to use a spoon or fork yet. I have been giving one to him at every meal for the past 5 or 6 months. I usually guide his hand for a few bites at first and then let him be. He will calmly take the spoon out of the bowl/off the plate and set it on the table, never to be touched again. Well, unless he throws it on the floor later on. Although he hasn't mastered that skill yet, he suddenly knows how to drink from a cup. Very well, in fact. I didn't even know he could, I just decided to try it again the other day when he was already covered in chili from head to toe. To my great surprise, he drank without spilling once. The last time we tried, he tipped the cup too fast and spilled all over himself.
He still loves small spaces. (But don't all kids?) When we rearranged the living room for the tree we ended up with a little corner for his toys which was perfect. There is just enough room for him to squeeze into it and he's content to play for quite some time. Again, I can't wait to give him a teepee for Christmas!
I can't wait to see what the next month brings!


Kaitlin said...

it's so fun hearing about the little buddy, i can't wait to see him again! :]

Heather said...

No way! I never ever knew that 'uh-hi' was finnish!? I just thought it was baby language for hug. Haha. Funny that we just grow up with words that seem so normal. Like at some point in elementary school i found out what 'oatmeal' was...guess i always thought it was normal to call it 'purroa' same with 'slippers' and 'tussos'