Nov 1, 2010

Happy November!

Adrian wouldn't eat the leftover breakfast casserole that I tried to give him for lunch but he gobbled down the spaghetti I made for him. He was ready to lick the plate and I'm sure he would have had he thought of that!

I didn't mean to completely neglect my blog last week, it just sort of happened. We were out of town for the weekend and by the end of the week Adrian and I had nasty colds going on. In fact, I thought I had gotten the flu after I lost my breakfast on Saturday morning. Thankfully, I did not. I drank an (natural) energy drink to help with my cold but I chugged it down and immediately felt nauseous. I won't be doing that again. Still, it made me think of my mom. I don't remember her getting sick all that often but, then as a kid, I probably wouldn't have noticed unless she was in bed all day. The truth is, she probably did get sick but she still had to take care of all of us kids! I guess it takes being a parent to truly appreciate all my Mom has done!

Our weekend downstate was wonderful. It's awesome to be able to see both of our families in the same trip but on the other hand, I hate that we always have to divide our time. I think I'd have to be there for months in order for it to feel long enough. As it is, even a long weekend (nearly 5 days) felt super fast. I'll post pictures tomorrow. On a related note, we will be downstate for Christmas! Jeff has been telling me that there is a good chance that he'll be able to get a few days off but I didn't want to believe it until he knew for sure. He came home the other day with the great news! I'm already dreading all the running around but I know it will be worth it if we get to see our families for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I've been saying for months that I want to have our Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving and I finally ordered the first thing! I've seen tee pees a few times on various blogs and I remember my sister Jen talking about how cool it would be to make one for her kids. As I was browsing on Amazon for ideas for Adrian I saw a tee pee and flew over to to see if they had any patterns. They do! The one I ordered says it's big enough for one kid and an adult. I'm so excited to make it and give it Adrian! He is always crawling into the tiniest spaces to play so I know he's going to love it!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Awesome! He's going to love it. I was just looking at one on a blog before I popped over here. I need to figure out how to make one, too.

I'm hoping I can figure out how to make it big enough for all three of the kids.

I don't envy you guys always having to divide all of your time when you're home. That would be tough.

~ Jennifer

Sara said...

Dude you're making a mess!! And sure looks happy doing it!

A teepee sounds like a great idea! kids love tents and small spaces!

Amanda Kay said...

Sweet! Glad you will be home for Christmas again!