Nov 16, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...But first, Tom Turkey!

I realized Thanksgiving is just over a week away so I guess that means it's time to put some Christmas music going! I am so not a music person (I think I'm the oddball in my family) but I really love Christmas music, it just puts me in the holiday spirit! Now that I hear jingle bells ringing I feel like I should be making Christmas gifts or decorations! Oh wait, I should be! Jeff is going hunting this weekend so I'll be spending a few days with my sister Amanda and we have plans to sew away the weekend! I'll be bringing my old reliable sewing machine, I can't wait! Adrian will have a cousin to play with so hopefully they are both good and we can crank out a few projects! My stocking pattern came in (and never asked me to return the dress pattern!) so I need to run up to the quilt shop and grab some fabric and hopefully get all 3 done this weekend! Like it's that easy, this is Miss Wishy-Washy-can't-make-any-split-decisions. I'll be lucky if I walk out of the shop with fabric for one stocking. I had originally planned to make all of the stockings with various printed cream fabric but now I'm leaning more toward turquoise for the me and green for the boys. We'll see what I find!