Nov 12, 2010

Feature Me Friday

This week I made two more toddler belts. That's it. I wish I could have at least made a few more belts if nothing else but it just didn't happen. I really need to figure out a better routine for sewing. The mornings are tricky because I know I should be outside with Adrian, and other times I'm working out with Kate which takes up most of the morning if we go to the dome. Then there's lunch and nap time. My sewing machine is in Adrian's room so I can't sew when he's sleeping. Once he wakes up, I'm usually starting to make supper, then it's eat and clean up and by then I don't feel like doing much at all. I've thought of taking my machine out of his room and sewing in the kitchen but then it will probably stay there forever. The only other space would be my bedroom but there is so much more space in Adrian's room. What to do, what to do. I'll probably end up moving it eventually just so I can feel like I have some quality uninterrupted sewing time. For now, I should actually go outside in the mornings instead of just thinking about it!

Have a good weekend! I know I will, I'll be spending it with my Mom and ALL {8} of my sisters!