Nov 15, 2010

it's good to be home (sort of)

I'm so glad to see Jeff again after being away all weekend (I mean really, he's vacuuming as I type, I love that guy) but it's such a letdown that we only had 1 full day out in Minnesota with my sisters and my Mom. My Mom drove up here and picked me up before heading out (she spent the night) so I actually got to spend the most time with her and my younger sisters. We were split between Sara's house and Jennifer's. My Mom, Amanda, Kendall, and Molly stayed with Sara while Emily, Kirsten, Keeks, Gretch, Jeanie, Adrian, and I stayed with Jen. We were visiting at Sara's on Saturday night and left at 10, I can't believe we left so early, I thought it was later than that until I saw the time in the car. Once the kiddos were settled into bed a few of us stayed up visiting until 3:30 or so (which is 4:30 our time). Adrian did not sleep well the entire trip which isn't unusual. I had to rock him to sleep both nights which is incredibly unusual. Besides the sleep he's was really good and had fun playing with all the kids. I was so glad to see little Orrin (Sara's) who was only about 3 months old last time I saw him, he is about 5 months older than Adrian. He was cruising all around and boy is he a cutie, I just wish he wasn't so shy for all of us! I bet if we were there for 1 more day he would have warmed up to us.
We keep calling this a "Sisters' Trip" since this is the first time all of the girls have gathered together in so long but I think it's agreed that the next "Sisters' Trip" should be without all the kids, it was a little loud and crazy! But, I'm glad the cousins had fun seeing one another! Or maybe the next time we all get together like that, the dads should be there too. Oh wait, that would be called a reunion.

There are more pictures on Jennifer's blog.