Nov 2, 2010

I Voted!

This week is flying by! Okay, so it's only Tuesday but I'm going out of town this weekend and I keep thinking that trip is weeks away rather than days away!

I went to "the Dome" this morning with Kate after walking over to the elementary school to vote. Did you vote yet?? I feel slightly ashamed that I didn't even know who I was voting for. I basically just voted straight party. I keep telling myself I need to research the time though, for sure! It's kind of pathetic really, I mean seriously, these things are kind of important! There's a nice old man that lives across the hall from us that has been giving us his paper every day since we first moved in. I appreciate it so very much but I don't always read it. Then, on the days that I do (today was one of them, although it was yesterday's paper) I think to myself, why don't I read the paper more often? I'm so clueless about what is going on in my dinky little town (that I love).

Yesterday, I said I would share some pictures from downstate. If you haven't seen them on facebook yet, here they are:
From Three Cedars Farm:

Matt and Wade share an October birthday:

Carving (and eating?) pumpkins and hanging out with Jeff's family:

These two (that's Auntie Katie, Jeff's sister) adore each other, I wish I had gotten a better picture of the two of them!

I was slightly better about remembering to take pictures this time, but oddly enough I have way more from Jeff's family than the time with my own. Usually it's the other way around, so I guess it's time to balance it out! Also, the pictures from the cider mill were stolen. (Eek!) Various people from Jeff's family took those and I forgot to bring my camera that day so I swiped them from facebook. Thanks! ;)


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see that little buddy!!! :) Less than two weeks. I have a porta crib for him. I hope he's not shy. (I'm thinking he's not by how much fun he's having with everyone else he doesn't see as often.)

I love that picture of you and Jeff.

~ Jennifer