Nov 9, 2010

living like no one else

Remember how I said we are working on getting out of debt so we can one day live debt-free? Well, when I got home on Sunday night we were discussing our financial plans and decided that we wanted to speed up our progress. Our car payment was the next debt to go. Jeff drives a truck with a stick which I don't know how to drive and that doesn't fit all of us very comfortably. Or, he did until several hours ago. I love craigslist. He listed the truck last night around supper and sold it before lunchtime today. He immediately went to the bank and paid a huge chunk of our car loan. We've been grinning all day. Well, almost. I'm sure it will sink in over the next few days that we are a one car family once again but for now it feels pretty darn good. I know it is all worth it in the end. We have to "live like no one else so later [we] can live like no one else." If purposely living with one car will get me there then I'll do it.

Once Jeff sold the car, I worked on some sewing projects. After Adrian's nap, we went to the Isle and walked through the woods. There were plenty of deer to be seen, It was so peaceful. I almost stayed home when Jeff offered to take Adrian with him either way, I thought it would be nice to sew without interruption. But then, Jeff reminded me that we won't have many more days like today to wander the outdoors. I'm so glad I went, he is absolutely right. Seriously, it snowed a few days ago. And that wasn't the first time.

To top it all off we had Chicken Paninis for supper. Yum! I just reread that post (from just over a year ago) and I can't believe I used boiled chicken. Yuck. It's amazing how much I've learned about cooking in a year, and I still have so much to learn. At the time, I had made soup and boiled the chicken to make the broth. I probably used a whole chicken and didn't need all of the meat so I saved it and didn't use it in another soup. I always, always buy bone-in, skin-on chicken. Waaay tastier. And I almost always bake it, even for soup, so the leftover meat actually has some flavor. I rub it with salt, freshly ground pepper, and garlic. Sometimes I brush it with bacon fat. It is so good, trust me, and don't think about how bad that is!

It's been a good day!


Amanda Kay said...

Good for you - that's awesome! We just paid another chunk on the student loan last week. I wish I was brave enough to wipe out more of our savings, but I don't like Dave's idea of only a thousand. That can disappear too quickly if you ask me.......although that would make me WAY more disciplined with our budget if I didn't have a large security blanket to fall back on.

Sara said...

ok now you have me motivated! Jon has been wanting me to list his truck on criagslist since....prob. 6 months ago! my excuse is that I need to get a picture of it. Better get on it!

Morgan @ said...

Congrats on selling the car - that's awesome. It's tough to be a one-car family but your post is really inspiring!