Oct 19, 2010

My Little Punkin'

I scored this cute Pumpkin costume (that you can't even see because I didn't take any decent pictures...) at a garage sale last spring. I think it's actually a 2T which is why it's kind of big and he is basically blind. I wanted to see how he did wearing it in case we actually use it. Which we probably won't. I don't really have any reason to put it on except to wear around the house when he's only 14 months old! A little young for trick-or-treating if you ask me!


Amanda Kay said...

Cute! Loretta is having a kids halloween party/girls lunch next friday, so I have to find something for kendall to be!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Cute -- he's such a little pun-kin. :)

~ Jennifer

P.S. Haven't forgotten the sweater. I'm mailing a package tomorrow (today?) and I'll mail it, too.