Oct 22, 2010

Feature Me Friday

So, the yellowy-orange shirt I bought the other day? Yeah...I tried resizing it (which I've done before!) and I made it too small. Before I did it I thought, I should sew this first, and then cut. But guess what? I did it the other way around and I couldn't get the shirt to lay right because it wasn't completely symmetrical so it was all wrong...what a disappointment. Except not really because when I tried it on to see if it fit I realized it was that weird color that looks almost like skin (on me anyways) and I really hate that color. So I guess it's okay that it didn't work out.

Adrian's been stepping on his pants, and right out of them so I finally made him a belt. It needs a little work, but the first one is always practice!


Sara said...

Cute! LOVE the belt! :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Very cute. I love it.

~ Jennifer

Amanda Kay said...


Emily said...


etsy... perhaps???!